Build the most powerful models with C++ and Python

OpenNN is a free neural networks library for advanced analytics.
It solves many real-world applications in energy, marketing, health and more.

Learning Tasks

OpenNN contains sophisticated algorithms and utilities to deal with the following machine learning solutions:


Neural networks regression

Model outputs as a
function of inputs.


Neural networks classification

Assign patterns to
given categories.


Neural networks forecasting

Make predictions
about the future.


Neural networks association

Discover relations
between variables.

OpenNN Users

The library has more than 50000 research and enterprise users, among which are the next organizations:

Neural Designer

Neural Designer is a software tool that helps people build neural network models without the need of programming.
It is developed from OpenNN and contains a user interface which simplifies data entry and interpretation of results.

Neural Designer start page

Consulting Services

OpenNN is being developed by Artelnics, a consulting company specialized in advanced analytics.
Our team carries out projects with enterprise customers to get the best results from their data.

Artelnics advanced analytics consulting